Supreme Rocket Production is the first of its kind global entity , with fully independent operational teams on three continents, with offices in New-York, Milano, Sao Paulo. We have infiltrated in the strongest global industries by choosing revolutionary professionals in fashion, science, concept, architecture, research, design, biology, sports, genetics and film.

We aspire to become IMMORTAL trough hard work, pioneering inspiration and evolution, we birth identity, give shape and form to the future, it can be a corporation or one single individual, we believe in the power of ONE and this is what Supreme Rocket Pro is all about. Become your dream !

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Supreme Rocket Pro's main beating heart is innovation in all spectrums of our every day life. We are in constant search of the future and what that could and should be like... the GENIUS Department relates to the hardest questions one asks itself throughout our circle of life and single handedly cared for by our founder Andre Birleanu. Are you the one that can make our future safer? that can help protect life? that can create unique projects that will preserve it, making it simpler or easier? the one that will become immortal and remembered for it's life's work, or do you know anyone that you believe is capable of such greatness? If so feel free to write a detailed essay on whichever subject of industry you choose, a panel of visionaries such as you will diligently analyze and consider your proposal. Should we decide to represent and support such prospect, Supreme Rocket Pro will put all it's financial and brain muscle to work towards one single goal. YOU!

Such essay about yourself and idea, prospect, vision, will be received by Innovation&Concept Department: future@supremerocket.com

If there is no one yet represented by GENIUS Department is simply because no one has raised the bar to were we believe it can be. Do your best, and when you are there, do more, then you shall become something special and impeccable, history will be good to you all all that you touch. We are here, we are all over the world, waiting for you. become all THEY wish to BE !

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Our Patent Department currently has 6 pending patents all developed by founder and think tank Andre Birleanu. The prospects vary from crash landing security systems for Boeing 747 to ..... pop corn. Yes pop corn ! Soon all will make sense and great financial rewards will come to this important branch of our corporation.

Are you a inventor, or current patent holder and wish to internationally branch out of your security bubble ? Feel free to contact us with all patent registered informations and we will gladly consider and map out the logistics and strategic meeting that must take place.

Innovation & Concept Dept. future@supremerocket.com

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We provide an extensive range of services trough top notch fully independent, global teams and professionals, well known in their fields of on three continents predomantly in New-York, Sao Paulo, Milano:

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They say a picture is worth 1000 words! With that in mind we will let you be the judge of our global work.

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"... my father although he practiced law his entire life, has had "the brush and canvas" as his love always, is this environment that I grew in. ART, trough my eyes, it must be astounding, inspire, be positive, full of hope and passion, give you a lingering wish for more, art is a visual language of no boundaries, like LOVE; is why masters keep on painting, sculpting, singing and creating much beauty. Trough their calling they are talking, telling a story, communicating, evolving the human race's perception and understanding. These masters I represent, believe in and listen to. Walk with me, let me show you my world" - Andre Birleanu

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SOFTWARE is the fastest growing industry on the planet, that infiltrates, like us, in all that is surrounded by, from inventions to web applications, brand identity, fashion, marketing logistics, real time local or global analysis, research, science, innovation, patents, and the highest level of business solutions at a global pro-active standard.

This is why we partnered with "tip of the spear" portuguese software conglomerate E.Gen.Ventures with no less then 18 sister corporations that cover absolutely all that the word SOFTWARE can grasp . Your idea can be a future earth-shattering invention !

Software Dept. rocket@supremerocket.com


*We preffer email contact due to our extensive projects on different locations.

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